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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 10:55

The online edition of our IMAGES project 2011 publication  "IMAGES - Films as Spaces of Cultural Encounter" is online as CINEJ Cinema Journal  Special Issue 1 (2011) at http://cinej.pitt.edu




table of contents 





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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 10:51

Our exhibitions "IMAGES - Cuzltural Encounters" and "IMAGES of the Poor" have been integrated as course material for a cross cultural training in the course "Intercultural Competencies" at the University of Applied Sciences BiTS - Business and Technology School Iserlohn in the Wintersemester 2011-2012.

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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 10:48

Our exhibitions "IMAGES - Cultural Encounters" and "IMAGES of the Poor" are showing at BiTS Iserlohn as a projection in the lobby starting 27 October 2011 till 10 December 2011

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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 10:35

The official opening of our IMAGES 2011 project exhibitions took place on Tuesday, 4 October 2011 at the exhibition room in Wörgl under intense press coverage.


Please, find more on the press coverage at the following links:








Our exhibition was in particular praised for its "non-mainstream" way of presentation on this occasion.



Please, also enjoy some photos shot at the exhibition opening. 


Photos: veronika bernard 


BILD0041  Bild0056.jpg

Bild0048.jpg BILD0057.JPG

Bild0058.jpg BILD0060.JPG

BILD0061.JPG Bild0062.jpg

Bild0064.jpg Bild0066.jpg

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30 septembre 2011 5 30 /09 /septembre /2011 12:48

  cultural-encounters-exhibiiton-poster-istanbul-worgl.jpg                    images-of-the-poor-exhibition-poster-istanbul-worgl.jpg



Our exhibitions "Images of the Poor" and "Cultural Encounters" will be showing in Wörgl/ Austria for 2 weeks starting 3 october 2011 .


at: Fritz-Atzl-Str. 9


MO-FR, 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:30


free entry




BILD0032.JPG Bild0033.jpg





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1 juillet 2011 5 01 /07 /juillet /2011 10:49


Our exhibition catalogue will be available soon:



Veronika Bernard and Serhan Oksay (Eds.): IMAGES. The 2011 exhibitions. Istanbul, Innsbruck, Kufstein 2011.


ISBN   978-605-62324




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3 mai 2011 2 03 /05 /mai /2011 16:33

Our conference proceedings of last year's conference "Breaking the Stereotype. From Orient and Occident to a Mutual Understanding of Images" are available at all bookshops worldwide.




Veronika Bernard, Serhan Oksay, Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Eds.)


Breaking the Stereotype. From Orient and Occident to a Mutual Understanding of Images


 ISBN 978-3-902719-97-3
paperback, 260 pages, engl.
2011, innsbruck university press • iup
Price: 22,90 Euro


table of contents


abstracts of articles

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3 mai 2011 2 03 /05 /mai /2011 12:15

Please, enjoy some impressions from the opening of our IMAGES project exhibitions "Cultural Encounters" and "Images of the Poor".


The exhibitions will be showing till end of May 2011.   BILD1385.JPG BILD1386.JPG  





























BILD1397.JPG       BILD1395.JPG    













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12 avril 2011 2 12 /04 /avril /2011 15:50

Our two IMAGES project exhibitions "Cultural Encounters" and "Images of the Poor" will be opening at Kadir Has University Cibali Campus in istanbul on 25, April 2011.




 cultural encounters exhibiiton poster istanbul     images of the poor exhibition poster istanbul

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5 avril 2011 2 05 /04 /avril /2011 15:34

Please, find the photo contest winners on this link: 

The directors of the IMAGES project, Veronika Bernard and Serhan Oksay, have been invited to the European Parliament with their previous project "Breaking the Stereotype".



Please, find more below.



Official invitation by Anna Maria Corazza Bildt:


FRIENDS OF TURKEY, in cooperation with TUSKON, are pleased to invite you to a panel debate on the importance of building mutual understanding in people-to-people contacts.

Our group members Anna Maria Corazza Bildt and Andrew Duff are co-hosting
the event


"Breaking stereotypes and building bridges between Turkey and the EU"


European Parliament
30 March 2011, 15.00 - 17.00
Room PHS 5 B 001



Opening remarks

Mr. Andrew Duff, MEP, Member of Friends of Turkey


Mrs. Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, MEP, Member of Friends of Turkey



Dr. Sahin Alpay, journalist at Today's Zaman and professor at Bahcesehir University

Mr. Alain Servantie, DG Enlargement, European Commission

Mr. Ahmet Önal, Chairman of the Swedish-Turkish Federation

Prof. Veronika Bernard & Prof. Serhan Oksay, University of Innsbruck & Kadir Has University, co-organisers of the exhibition 'Breaking the stereotype'

Open discussion with Q&A


The panel debate will be held in English.


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