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18 novembre 2014 2 18 /11 /novembre /2014 09:33

Enjoy a cover draft of the photographic album IMAGES OF ISTANBUL.


The photographic album IMAGES OF ISTANBUL will be available in June 2015 at Euro 29, 90 per copy.




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16 septembre 2014 2 16 /09 /septembre /2014 08:42

Enjoy the cover draft of Veronika Bernard (Ed.): IMAGES IV - Images of the Other: Istanbul, Vienna, Venice. The Conference Proceedings ...




cover illustration: "inverted" by Veronika Bernard

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12 septembre 2014 5 12 /09 /septembre /2014 09:28

Enjoy some photos taken at our IMAGES IV - Images of the Other: Istanbul-Vienna-Venice conference which took place at the Austrian Cultural forum in Istanbul-Yeniköy 2-4 September 2014 ...


photos by veronika bernard and peter waas









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11 septembre 2014 4 11 /09 /septembre /2014 10:28

Dear colleagues,



thank you very much for your presentations which made the conference such a success.



For all of you who signalled their interest in publishing their papers as articles in the conference proceedings, please, keep to the below guidelines.


All of you who are not planning to submit articles, please, inform me by end of this week (12th September 2014) latest so I can plan more precisely.


As the publication is limited to a certain number of pages due to production costs, please, strictly keep to length limits mentioned below.


Please, note: In case a submitted article is longer than the number of characters/ pages given below it will be returned immediately for shortening/ cutting and will only be considered after being re-submitted as a shortened version.


The deadline for article submission is: 30 November 2014, 24.00 (MET)


Please, send your articles to the following e-mail address: images-1@gmx.at and cc them to veronika.bernard@uibk.ac.at



Guidelines for paper submission


Please, note:


The following minimum/ maximum calculation is valid for articles including text only.

In case you are including illustrations the maximum length of the final layouted article (done by publishing house) must not exceed a maximum of 10 pages.

This means: The more illustrations you include the less text you can write …


For guidelines concerning illustrations, please, also see below.



Length of articles (text only):


maximum length (incl. author, title, endnotes and 100 words abstracts): 20 500 characters including blanks


mimimum length (incl. author, title, endnotes and 100 words abstracts): 16 500 characters including blanks



Length of articles (including illustrations):


maximum length (incl. author, title, endnotes, 100 words abstracts and illustrations): 10 pages


mimimum length (incl. author, title, endnotes, 100 words abstracts and illustrations): 5 pages

Format of papers:


Please, send your documents in the .doc or .docx format






  • Black and white only
  • Only illustrations/ photos you have the copyright for, i.e. photos you have shot yourself. We cannot allow any photos which may cause expense for copyright or for violation of copyright!
  • For technical reasons photos have to be sent as separate jpg files, 300 dpi (If you include them in the article, please, also send them separately).






Please, make it endnotes






Please, stick to the citation you are used to

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4 septembre 2014 4 04 /09 /septembre /2014 17:21

... and for papers presented, questions asked and comments made - so for making IMAGES (IV) - Images of the Other: Istanbul, Vienna, Venice a really successful and productive event..


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9 juillet 2014 3 09 /07 /juillet /2014 14:17

images of the other conference poster - A3






also find our conference on: http://www.cornucopia.net/events/images-of-the-other-istanbul-vienna-venice




The IMAGES Project 2014 Conference


  IMAGES (IV) – Images of the Other  



Austrian Cultural Forum, Istanbul, 02 - 04 September 2014



Programme (update: 02 September 2014)





Day 1 (Tuesday, September 02, 2014)



13.30-14.00: Welcome Cocktail


13.30-13.45: Registration



Welcome and Opening (14.00-14.20)


14.00-14.10: Welcome by Peter Waas, Deputy Head of Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul


14.10-14.20: Welcome by Veronika Bernard, IMAGES project director



Istanbul-Vienna-Venice – Musical and Photographic Inspirations (13.30-14.00)  

13.30-14.00: Patiska, Hayat Ağacı, Ne İçindeyim Zamanın and Nihavend Pembesi by Yusuf Eradam



Session (1): Istanbul – The Relativity of a Myth (14.20-16.35)


Chair: Veronika Bernard


14.20-15.05: Yusuf Eradam (writer, poet, translator, academician, song writer; Istanbul/ Turkey): Hayat Ağacı (song) – My Sense of Belonging to IstanPOLIS (paper) – Patiska (song)  


15.05-15.35: Johannes Marent (Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt/ BRD): The Mediatized and the Lived City – An Investigation in Istanbul’s Urban Imaginary


15.35-16.05: Theresa Frank (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Making and Re-making of the alla franca vs alla turca-Myth in Narratives of Istanbul


16.05-16.35: Özlem Altınkaya Genel (Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Boston/ USA): Marmara Sea Waterscapes of Istanbul in the Ottoman Era as the Other – A Perpetual Geo-Historical Interaction



16.35-16.50: Coffee Break



Session (2): Istanbul – The City’s Representations in the Arts, the Media and in Literature (16.50-18.20)


Chair: Yusuf Eradam



16.50-17.20: Aytül Papila (Beykent University, Istanbul/ Turkey): From the City of Tales, to the Industrial Metropolis: The Changing Images of Istanbul in the Turkish Visual Arts


17.20-17.50: Sercan Şengün (Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey): Gaze of the Local vs the Other – Images of Istanbul in Video Games


17.50-18.20: Hatice Övgü Tüzün (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/ Turkey): Orientalism Revisited – Istanbul as a Character in Barbara Nadel’s Çetin İkmen Series




Day 2 (Wednesday, September 03, 2014)



Session (3): Istanbul and Vienna – Representations in-between the Self and the Other (10.00-10.30)


Chair: Steve Merrell  



10.00-10.30: Dean Vuletic (University of Vienna, Vienna/ Austria): Visions of Istanbul and Vienna in the Eurovision Song Contest cancelled


10.00-10.30: Nataša Ivanović (Research Institute for Visual Culture from 19th Century to the Present Time, Ljubljana/ Slovenia): Imaginary Istanbul and Realistic View of Vienna by Landscape Painter Lorenz Janscha



Session (4): Vienna – A Myth and Its Destruction? (10.30-11.00)


Chair: Steve Merrell



10.30-11.00: Christine Ivanovic (University of Vienna, Vienna/ Austria): Vienna as Represented in The Third Man cancelled


10.30-11.00: Mathias Windelberg (Offenbach University of Art and Design, Offenbach/ Germany): Image of Others – Other’s Image – Other Images



11.00-11.15: Coffee Break


Session (5/1): Istanbul, Vienna and Venice – The Diversity of Perception (11.15-12.15)


Chair: Hatice Övgü Tüzün



11.15-11.45: Özlem Kumrular (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/ Turkey): The “Language” and Diplomacy of the Sublime Porte: Venice, Vienna and Constantinople cancelled


11.15-11.45: Talitha Schepers (The Warburg Institute, London/ UK): Images of Istanbul, Vienna and Venice as Seen through the Eyes of Diplomats and Artists Belonging to Early European Embassies (1400-1600)


11.45-12.15: Roberta Matkovic (University Juraj Dobrila of Pula, Pula/ Croatia): Visions of Other Urban Dimensions. Written Travellers’ Experiences


12.15-13.45: Lunch Break


 Session (5/2): Istanbul, Vienna and Venice – The Diversity of Perception (13.45-15.15)


Chair: Hatice Övgü Tüzün



13.45-14.15: Steve Merrell (Oxford Brookes University, Oxford/ UK): Feeling Moved – Points of Connection and Separation between Those Who Work to Travel and Those Who Travel to Work


14.15-14.45: Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen (Bilgi University, Istanbul/ Turkey): Digital Capitals of the Renaissance: Representation of Venice, Istanbul and Vienna in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise cancelled


14.45-15.15: Nerma Cridge (Architectural Association London, London/ UK): Excess Water – Vienna Venice and Istanbul



 Session (6): Istanbul and Venice – Media-Guided Perception (15.15-16.30)


Chair: Steve Merrell


15.15-15.45: Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Mordkommission Istanbul (Homicide Division Istanbul) and Donna Leon – Some Thoughts on the Representation of Istanbul and Venice in German TV Series


15.45-16.30: Peter Volgger (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Venice – Archipelago of the 21th Century? moved from Session (7): Venice – A Myth and Its Destruction? (September 04, 12.45-13.15)





Day 3 (Thursday, September 04, 2014)



Session (7): Venice – A Myth and Its Destruction?  (10.00-12.45)


Chair: Nerma Cridge



10.00-10.30: Vahid Evazzadeh (Copenhagen/ Denmark): Looking at Death in Venice


10.30-11.00: Tanja Habrle (University of Juraj Dobrila of Pula, Pula/ Croatia): The Fire in Venice – Gabriele D'Annunzio's Experience of the Laguna


10.30-11.00: Simla Ayşe Doğangün (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands): Images of Venice in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man (1826) and Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion (1987) cancelled


11.00-11.30: Gönül Bakay (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/ Turkey): Venice as a Sinister City in Two Contemporary Novels: Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion and Ian McEwan’s The Comfort of Strangers



11.30-11.45: Coffee Break



Chair: Veronika Bernard


11.45-12.15: Serenella Sessini (The Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London, London/ UK): Portraits as Testimonies of Cultural Interconnection between Venice and the East in the Renaissance


12.15-12.45: Wibke Joswig (Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin/ Germany): Cultural Inbetweeness in Venetian Images


12.45-13.15: Peter Volgger (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Venice – Archipelago of the 21th Century? moved to September 03, 17.00-17.30




12.45-12.55: Closing Remarks by Organizers





Registered Guests:



Eva-Maria Bauer (Kunstuniversität Linz, Linz/ Austria) not attending

Umbereen Beg-Mirza (Turkey) not attending 

Laçin Ceylan (Turkey) not attending 

Cornelia Huth (Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich/ Switzerland)

Nilgün İlkbahar (Turkey)

Dilek Jans (Turkey) not attending

Geza Jans (Turkey) not attending

Sibel Jans (Turkey) not attending

Victoria Khroundina (Cornucopia Magazine, İstanbul/ Turkey)

Aygül Özkaragöz

Sedef Piker (Turkey) not attending

Elif Şehitoğlu (Turkey)  not attending 

Thomas Steinfeld (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Venice/ Italy)

Ali Taylan Ula (İstanbul/ Turky)

Elena Vorobyeva (Turkey)  not attending 








This conference is supported by








Conference organizing procedures supervised by




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8 juillet 2014 2 08 /07 /juillet /2014 15:54




The programme of our IMAGES IV conference Images of the Other: Istanbul-Vienna-Venice will be online very soon. Please, check regularly.






Conference organizing procedures supervised by



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8 juillet 2014 2 08 /07 /juillet /2014 15:50

A selection of 50 SNAPSHOTS city life photos by Veronika Bernard are available as a photographic album titled IMAGES OF THE CITY by LIT Verlag.

The book forms a set with IMAGES (III) - Images of the City. The Conference Proceedings, but it also available seperately.


The book is available at all good book shops.


price: 29, 90 Euro




cover design: Veronika Bernard

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8 juillet 2014 2 08 /07 /juillet /2014 15:46

cover draft images of the city - conference proceedings-5e1


cover illustration "Illuminated Istanbul - Blue" by Veronika Bernard (2013)



The book is available in all good bookshops.


Price: Euro 29, 90

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25 juin 2014 3 25 /06 /juin /2014 13:14
Dear colleagues,
once again, thank you very much for your interest in our conference and for your proposals.
All of you who receive this e-mail have been accepted as speakers on our IMAGES (IV) conference and will be put on the programme of our IMAGES (IV) conference.
Please, note, though, that we are not in the position to cover any travel and/ or accomodation expenses.
As we do not charge any conference fee we kindly ask conference speakers/ participants to apply for funding with their uniersities or other relevant institutions in order to cover their travel and accomodation expense.
We will be happy to help with this by sending official invitations/ confirmations saying that you have been accepted as speakers, if needed.
In order to be officially put on the programme we need the following from you:
(1) a confirmation that you will participate as a speaker in our conference eventhough you will have to raise your own funding to cover travel and accomodation expense
(2) a short bio of a maximum of 100 words including your affiliaton (to be published in our conference info-folder)
(3) a short abstract of no more than 100 words including the title of your presentation (to be published in our conference info-folder)
Please, send confirmation, abstract and short bio by 27 june (friday) latest, so we can proceed with the organizing procedures as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot for your cooperation.
Please, also note that we still have vacancies for speakers with the cities of Vienna (5 vacancies) and Venice (2 vacancies).
So, in case, you know colleagues who may be interested and missed our call for papers or were not able to hit our deadline for which reason so ever, pls spread word that we have extended the deadline to 6 july 2014 for proposals focussing on Vienna and Venice.
Please, also check our IMAGES project blog for latest info: http.//images-1.over-blog.org
the organzing committee 
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