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19 septembre 2013 4 19 /09 /septembre /2013 09:57

The IMAGES project director would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to leave your comments on the question:  


What makes a city?


To do so, please, click on this link: http://snapshots-1.over-blog.com or on: http://snapshots-1.over-blog.com/article-images-iii-images-of-the-city-online-voting-120135196.html


Your comment will appeare completely anonymous on the blog.


The photos you will find on the post there have been shot by the IMAGES project director Veronika Bernard.


Please, leave your comments at the end of the post: If you feel that for you a certain photo on this post shows an urban scenery, please, list its number in your commentc. You are free to list as many of the photos as you wish.


Besides, please, also leave a keyword  (or several keywords) indicating the urban quality you see in the photo, e.g. “architecture”, “type of buildings”, “social urban phenomenon” etc.


Thank you for your vote!


The result of your voting and your comments will be used in a paper presentation at the IMAGES (III) – Images of the City conference (Istanbul, Austrian Cultural Forum, 31October-1November 2013)  


Veronika Bernard

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