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11 septembre 2014 4 11 /09 /septembre /2014 10:28

Dear colleagues,



thank you very much for your presentations which made the conference such a success.



For all of you who signalled their interest in publishing their papers as articles in the conference proceedings, please, keep to the below guidelines.


All of you who are not planning to submit articles, please, inform me by end of this week (12th September 2014) latest so I can plan more precisely.


As the publication is limited to a certain number of pages due to production costs, please, strictly keep to length limits mentioned below.


Please, note: In case a submitted article is longer than the number of characters/ pages given below it will be returned immediately for shortening/ cutting and will only be considered after being re-submitted as a shortened version.


The deadline for article submission is: 30 November 2014, 24.00 (MET)


Please, send your articles to the following e-mail address: images-1@gmx.at and cc them to veronika.bernard@uibk.ac.at



Guidelines for paper submission


Please, note:


The following minimum/ maximum calculation is valid for articles including text only.

In case you are including illustrations the maximum length of the final layouted article (done by publishing house) must not exceed a maximum of 10 pages.

This means: The more illustrations you include the less text you can write …


For guidelines concerning illustrations, please, also see below.



Length of articles (text only):


maximum length (incl. author, title, endnotes and 100 words abstracts): 20 500 characters including blanks


mimimum length (incl. author, title, endnotes and 100 words abstracts): 16 500 characters including blanks



Length of articles (including illustrations):


maximum length (incl. author, title, endnotes, 100 words abstracts and illustrations): 10 pages


mimimum length (incl. author, title, endnotes, 100 words abstracts and illustrations): 5 pages

Format of papers:


Please, send your documents in the .doc or .docx format






  • Black and white only
  • Only illustrations/ photos you have the copyright for, i.e. photos you have shot yourself. We cannot allow any photos which may cause expense for copyright or for violation of copyright!
  • For technical reasons photos have to be sent as separate jpg files, 300 dpi (If you include them in the article, please, also send them separately).






Please, make it endnotes






Please, stick to the citation you are used to

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