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also find our conference on: http://www.cornucopia.net/events/images-of-the-other-istanbul-vienna-venice




The IMAGES Project 2014 Conference


  IMAGES (IV) – Images of the Other  



Austrian Cultural Forum, Istanbul, 02 - 04 September 2014



Programme (update: 02 September 2014)





Day 1 (Tuesday, September 02, 2014)



13.30-14.00: Welcome Cocktail


13.30-13.45: Registration



Welcome and Opening (14.00-14.20)


14.00-14.10: Welcome by Peter Waas, Deputy Head of Austrian Cultural Forum Istanbul


14.10-14.20: Welcome by Veronika Bernard, IMAGES project director



Istanbul-Vienna-Venice – Musical and Photographic Inspirations (13.30-14.00)  

13.30-14.00: Patiska, Hayat Ağacı, Ne İçindeyim Zamanın and Nihavend Pembesi by Yusuf Eradam



Session (1): Istanbul – The Relativity of a Myth (14.20-16.35)


Chair: Veronika Bernard


14.20-15.05: Yusuf Eradam (writer, poet, translator, academician, song writer; Istanbul/ Turkey): Hayat Ağacı (song) – My Sense of Belonging to IstanPOLIS (paper) – Patiska (song)  


15.05-15.35: Johannes Marent (Technical University Darmstadt, Darmstadt/ BRD): The Mediatized and the Lived City – An Investigation in Istanbul’s Urban Imaginary


15.35-16.05: Theresa Frank (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Making and Re-making of the alla franca vs alla turca-Myth in Narratives of Istanbul


16.05-16.35: Özlem Altınkaya Genel (Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Boston/ USA): Marmara Sea Waterscapes of Istanbul in the Ottoman Era as the Other – A Perpetual Geo-Historical Interaction



16.35-16.50: Coffee Break



Session (2): Istanbul – The City’s Representations in the Arts, the Media and in Literature (16.50-18.20)


Chair: Yusuf Eradam



16.50-17.20: Aytül Papila (Beykent University, Istanbul/ Turkey): From the City of Tales, to the Industrial Metropolis: The Changing Images of Istanbul in the Turkish Visual Arts


17.20-17.50: Sercan Şengün (Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey): Gaze of the Local vs the Other – Images of Istanbul in Video Games


17.50-18.20: Hatice Övgü Tüzün (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/ Turkey): Orientalism Revisited – Istanbul as a Character in Barbara Nadel’s Çetin İkmen Series




Day 2 (Wednesday, September 03, 2014)



Session (3): Istanbul and Vienna – Representations in-between the Self and the Other (10.00-10.30)


Chair: Steve Merrell  



10.00-10.30: Dean Vuletic (University of Vienna, Vienna/ Austria): Visions of Istanbul and Vienna in the Eurovision Song Contest cancelled


10.00-10.30: Nataša Ivanović (Research Institute for Visual Culture from 19th Century to the Present Time, Ljubljana/ Slovenia): Imaginary Istanbul and Realistic View of Vienna by Landscape Painter Lorenz Janscha



Session (4): Vienna – A Myth and Its Destruction? (10.30-11.00)


Chair: Steve Merrell



10.30-11.00: Christine Ivanovic (University of Vienna, Vienna/ Austria): Vienna as Represented in The Third Man cancelled


10.30-11.00: Mathias Windelberg (Offenbach University of Art and Design, Offenbach/ Germany): Image of Others – Other’s Image – Other Images



11.00-11.15: Coffee Break


Session (5/1): Istanbul, Vienna and Venice – The Diversity of Perception (11.15-12.15)


Chair: Hatice Övgü Tüzün



11.15-11.45: Özlem Kumrular (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/ Turkey): The “Language” and Diplomacy of the Sublime Porte: Venice, Vienna and Constantinople cancelled


11.15-11.45: Talitha Schepers (The Warburg Institute, London/ UK): Images of Istanbul, Vienna and Venice as Seen through the Eyes of Diplomats and Artists Belonging to Early European Embassies (1400-1600)


11.45-12.15: Roberta Matkovic (University Juraj Dobrila of Pula, Pula/ Croatia): Visions of Other Urban Dimensions. Written Travellers’ Experiences


12.15-13.45: Lunch Break


 Session (5/2): Istanbul, Vienna and Venice – The Diversity of Perception (13.45-15.15)


Chair: Hatice Övgü Tüzün



13.45-14.15: Steve Merrell (Oxford Brookes University, Oxford/ UK): Feeling Moved – Points of Connection and Separation between Those Who Work to Travel and Those Who Travel to Work


14.15-14.45: Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen (Bilgi University, Istanbul/ Turkey): Digital Capitals of the Renaissance: Representation of Venice, Istanbul and Vienna in the Assassin’s Creed Franchise cancelled


14.45-15.15: Nerma Cridge (Architectural Association London, London/ UK): Excess Water – Vienna Venice and Istanbul



 Session (6): Istanbul and Venice – Media-Guided Perception (15.15-16.30)


Chair: Steve Merrell


15.15-15.45: Veronika Bernard (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Mordkommission Istanbul (Homicide Division Istanbul) and Donna Leon – Some Thoughts on the Representation of Istanbul and Venice in German TV Series


15.45-16.30: Peter Volgger (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Venice – Archipelago of the 21th Century? moved from Session (7): Venice – A Myth and Its Destruction? (September 04, 12.45-13.15)





Day 3 (Thursday, September 04, 2014)



Session (7): Venice – A Myth and Its Destruction?  (10.00-12.45)


Chair: Nerma Cridge



10.00-10.30: Vahid Evazzadeh (Copenhagen/ Denmark): Looking at Death in Venice


10.30-11.00: Tanja Habrle (University of Juraj Dobrila of Pula, Pula/ Croatia): The Fire in Venice – Gabriele D'Annunzio's Experience of the Laguna


10.30-11.00: Simla Ayşe Doğangün (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam/ The Netherlands): Images of Venice in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man (1826) and Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion (1987) cancelled


11.00-11.30: Gönül Bakay (Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/ Turkey): Venice as a Sinister City in Two Contemporary Novels: Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion and Ian McEwan’s The Comfort of Strangers



11.30-11.45: Coffee Break



Chair: Veronika Bernard


11.45-12.15: Serenella Sessini (The Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London, London/ UK): Portraits as Testimonies of Cultural Interconnection between Venice and the East in the Renaissance


12.15-12.45: Wibke Joswig (Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin/ Germany): Cultural Inbetweeness in Venetian Images


12.45-13.15: Peter Volgger (University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck/ Austria): Venice – Archipelago of the 21th Century? moved to September 03, 17.00-17.30




12.45-12.55: Closing Remarks by Organizers





Registered Guests:



Eva-Maria Bauer (Kunstuniversität Linz, Linz/ Austria) not attending

Umbereen Beg-Mirza (Turkey) not attending 

Laçin Ceylan (Turkey) not attending 

Cornelia Huth (Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich/ Switzerland)

Nilgün İlkbahar (Turkey)

Dilek Jans (Turkey) not attending

Geza Jans (Turkey) not attending

Sibel Jans (Turkey) not attending

Victoria Khroundina (Cornucopia Magazine, İstanbul/ Turkey)

Aygül Özkaragöz

Sedef Piker (Turkey) not attending

Elif Şehitoğlu (Turkey)  not attending 

Thomas Steinfeld (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Venice/ Italy)

Ali Taylan Ula (İstanbul/ Turky)

Elena Vorobyeva (Turkey)  not attending 








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