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and IMAGES is happy to do so ...



CINEJ Vol.1 No.2, May 2012

CINEJ Cinema Journal is a peer-reviewed semiannually published international Cinema Journal.
It is published by the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh and is cosponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Press.

Cinema is the art of reminiscences and of storing, losing, finding, extracting, and re-visioning memory.
The history of cinema is full of films, directors, and movements firmly cemented in our collective unconscious, reminding us of memories that are lost, hidden, about to disappear, struggling to keep alive, and ready to come back again.
Films reflect our lives through our version of the truth through what we repress or prefer to remember.
Cinema helps to expand the boundaries of our memories. Remembering and forgetting and including as well as excluding our lived experiences are ways of coping with life-long effects of our early years and adolescence and our grief over lost loves. Our senses of ourselves as we remember our lives often conflict with what may have been suppressed.
The cinematic journey in the history of humankind is about understanding the history of society and individual and of repressing and remembering memories. The temptations to hide and forget and to bring back and expose are the major themes of this issue.
Some of the topics can be found below:

- Cinema and Social Memory
- Return of the Repressed: Films forgotten by film history
- Film Criticism and the Audience Memory
- Confrontations With the Past: The New Political Film
- Writing History With TV Series
- Hollywood/Green Pine Resurrected: The Remakes
- Personal History: Rites of Passage
- Cinema / City / Memory
- Witnesses of History: Documentaries
- Father / Memory / Rebellion
- My Beautiful Psychobiography: Filming Personal History
- Cinema and Social Archetypes
- Archive / Restoration / Nostalgia

Deadline for papers is April 1, 2012.

Please send a copy of your article to Murat Akser at masker@khas.edu.tr and also
create your cinej account to upload your article for evaluation purposes.
Please refer to this link for Author Submission Guidelines:


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